Happy Friday everyone. Now there’s a reason to be thankful! We made it! This week was so nutty. Tuesday felt like Thursday and Thursday felt like Wednesday, but here we are at Friday and geesh. I woke up to a blanket of snow outside and it looks so pretty. No cars drove on the road yet so it literally looked like a smooth blanket of fresh snow.

But today is another thankfulness post as I keep my commitment going where I post everyday in November about what I’m thankful for- small things or big things. It doesn’t matter. All valuable.

Here we go…

November Thankfulness #9

My family…

…beyond the people under my roof. I’m referring to my family members who do not live under my roof (because I already shared about my thankfulness to those individuals HERE and HERE), and those who have known me forever. I’m so thankful for my parents and their spouses, my brother and all family connected. Thank goodness for technology that we’re able to easily communicate with each other, use gif’s to effectively get a text message across, creatively use emoji’s when an image is just more appropriate than words, and FaceTime freely.

While I may be the ‘odd one’ because I live the farthest way across the country from everyone, but it’s okay. Technology makes it easier and convenient to stay connected.

As I presume with your family too, we are all so different in my family. We all have quirks, including me, but I’m thankful for my family members and the journey we take to stay glued and connected despite distance. I’m thankful for my family who flies or drives (that’s not a typo) out to see me and my own family. I mean, seriously… I’m over 1,000 miles away. Wow.

So yes, I’m thankful beyond words for these nutty people. Because I’m rather nutty too… and that’s probably why I enjoy them. This picture is from two months ago when I flew to see them for the weekend for my grandmother’s funeral and memorial. I can’t even remember the last time I saw my brother race and so this jam-packed weekend was able to include an evening of racing, and he won! It was a big win for him and it was fun being all together. I’m thankful for these people.