Fresh starts, new encouragements. It is a source of hope. Let’s be honest, we can find encouragement in so many things. But after 6 weeks of a global pandemic, May 1 (or a new month) is a big source of encouragement. Why? Friends, we made it through such a wonky and weird month of April. How encouraging!

Every day is a new day for a start.

Every week is a new week for a start.

Every month is a new month for a start.

There have been so many ups and downs in the last month. But the start of May is encouraging. It is hope. Even if May isn’t considered ‘normal’, it’s okay. It is a confirmation that we made it through a hard month of uncertainly and we can do hard things.

Notice the focus is on positive, encouraging hope. While we can easily be consumed by fear, negativity and despair, shifting our mental focus and reversing the worry to faith and hope in the future- let’s to that.

May 1st.

We did it, and I am encouraged.