First, let’s get one thing straight- goals are actionable dreams. They are dreams that are measurable. So let’s dream, ok? Life is even more enjoyable when we are pursuing our dreams. When dreams connect to our interests and passions, then we can start pursuing goals with momentum and love. We will find more enjoyment in what we do.

Life is even more enjoyable when we are pursuing our dreams.

Dreams can look different for everyone and the beauty is that our dreams can be tailored to each of us individually. One person’s dream may not even interest someone else. On the other hand, two people can have a similar dream but the way they go about it may be completely different. Therefore, perhaps the dreams end up looking different in the end.

So the question is, how do you create a love for your goals?

  1. The identification. First we need to identify the dream or perhaps dreams, plural. Who says you can’t have more than one dream? Nobody says that. Allowing the opportunity to pursue multiple dreams (goals) permits the opportunity to explore. To dream without limits, rather. To identify dreams which we are truly passionate about, we first need to identify what those dreams are.
    • Imagine pursuing something which you have a passion and interest. Whoo hoo!
    • Now, imagine pursuing something which you have no interest. Well, that’s no fun and you’re not as likely to find success.
  2. The restructure. We need to make them actionable. We need to identify our dreams but dreams are only real when we make them actionable. So let’s restructure the dream as a goal. At the time of identifying the dreams (step 1), they may not seem realistic (at least, they may not seem realistic right now). But it doesn’t mean that those dreams can’t happen. It just means that there’s some more steps that need to happen on the pursuit towards those dreams. It’s making those dreams actionable therefore making them into goals.
  3. The pursuit. Lastly we need to pursue them. We need to take action. Depending on our dream, or our goal, the pursuit may be long or short, or perhaps the journey may be hard or easy (likely a combination of both- with a bit more hard than easy). But let’s be honest here- This part, the action part, can be the hardest. It can be the hardest to start and it can be the hardest to maintain. So it’s key to put all factors in your favor.
    • Find a mentor (PS- I might know a galeh hem.)
    • Do your research,
    • Read as much as you can, and
    • Devote your time and attention towards the pursuit of this dream or goal.

If it’s linked to something you love, in which you have passion or interest, then this dream or goal is worth pursuing.

Pursuing a goal needs to connect to something we love, or rather, something we truly value.

Therefore, creating a love for your goals may not only make life more enjoyable, but perhaps you’ll end of creating a love for the journey.