Laura Beth Kruger

Integrated Wellness Strategist

Helping You Elevate your Health and Performance

through a Comprehensive Wellness Approach.

Welcome! It is time to…

Prioritize your health,

stress less,

and feel better.

Quick Facts

Doctor of Education: Educational Administration and Leadership- Adult and Higher Education

Dissertation: Promoting Well-Being Among Intercollegiate Student-Athletes: A Gratitude Intervention Using Positive Psychology.

*First known experimental design about this topic at the time.

Master of Education: Health Education and Promotion

‘Masters Student Leadership and Service Award’ recipient

Bachelor of Science in Education: Health Education and Wellness

‘Undergraduate of the Year Award’ national recipient; American Association for Health Education

Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES)

National Commission for Health Education Credentialing

“Excellence in Teaching” award recipient, multiple years

University of South Dakota 

Skillful business person

10+ years successfully creating and establishing my own business, and putting my values to practice to help others. 

Experienced educator

12+ years teaching in higher education, working with collegiate and post-collegiate athletes, working adults, and K-12 grade youth

Whatever the focus of your goal, it is key to have solid mental skills to reach and achieve your goal successfully. That’s what I do. I help you reach your goals with proven, tried & true strategies and techniques.


My Journey: The Big Picture

I have always been interested in well-being- in the workplace, individually, and in communities. As my academic/collegiate studies and experiences unfolded, I found my passion in well-being among student-athletes and athletics, workplace practices, and individual behaviors. I have a passion for this stuff. And to clarify, health and wellness is more than just exercise and nutrition. Cultivating positive and supportive environments (at work, at home, and in the community) all contribute to one’s well-being. 


The Details

My Journey: Sport

I am interested in sports- recreationally and competitively. There are many purposes and motives to the participation and spectating of sport. Sport performance is complex for success. Today, I use strategies and mental skills to help others reach success, and in pursuit towards my current goals.

Additionally, my husband trained and participated in 3 Olympic Games- all while we were together. Over the course of 15+ years of training, I subsequently learned the aspects of supporting someone reach impressively high goals on an elite stage.


More Details…

My Journey: Wellness

After a dozen years of establishing a local home with friends and community, several years ago my husband and I decided to accept an exciting career opportunity. We moved our family almost 1,000 miles from Ohio to South Dakota, nearby my husband’s hometown and old stomping grounds. Despite our collective excitement of a new adventure (whoo hoo!), I struggled with loneliness & feeling distant from my family and friends in the beginning months of moving there. I had to put all my knowledge and experience to work for me (and for the benefit of my kids) to take care of my health and wellness. With success, my business to help others started to thrive!

  • Read: Performance through mental skills training isn’t limited to sport alone.

We’ve now moved back to our local stompting grounds in Ohio! We are using everything we’ve learned to help others. 

My Values & Beliefs


Our wellness behaviors impact our health- in workplaces, community, and at home. While exercise and nutrition are important and valuable, there are many other instrumental aspects which allow us to elevate and thrive.

Family, Friends and Community

We thrive and reach out goals faster, and more successfully, when we partner and collaborate with others. Family, friends, and a community of supporters are all important and each hold a different role.

Belief and Leadership

I believe in the power of self-efficacy (believing you can do it), self-confidence, and the importance of structured leadership to guide a healthy workplace. Also, faith to trust the process and the role of a positive mindset through the journey.

My Approach

What makes someone stand out from the rest? Find what works best for them through application. My approach is streamlined into 3 “C’s”: Collaboration, communication, and content integration.

  1. Collaboration is about working together because we thrive when we partner together, feel supported, 
  2. Communication is so influential- whether in a physical or online space, or in one-on-one communication for individualized learning.
  3. Content integration means infusing real content and strategies into real world scenarios. This is the true application of my approach.

Based on my 15 years of experience and my outgoing personality, this approach has worked for my and those whom I serve. I’m looking forward to working with you!


Presentations and Publications


  • University of South Dakota
    • Wellness Center
    • Residence Life
    • Athletics Department
    • School of Education
  • Ashland University
    • Worksite Wellness programming
    • Freshman Living Learning Communities
    • Women’s conference
  • YMCA
  • Health Educators’ Institute of the Ohio Society for Public Health Education
  • National Student Recruitment Conference
  • Ohio Project Kaleidoscope Conference