I’m Laura Kruger

Integrated Wellness Strategist

Helping You Elevate your Health & Improve your Performance through a  Comprehensive Wellness Approach.

Personal Consulting

You will learn tools to cope with everyday stressors and prioritize self-care from a multidimensional, whole-person approach.

Business Consulting

Businesses will establish initiatives to help their employees grow personally and professionally because ultimately, businesses want a healthy and happy staff to better serve their clients and community.

Unlock Your Full Potential. Say Hello to THE REAL YOU

Through a positive attitude, having fun, and a grateful spirit, I help others de-stress and prioritize self-care through a combination of lifestyle and mental skills/strategies.

It is time to thrive, prosper and feel well. 


Regain confidence

Manage stress effectively through tried & true techniques

Shift your mindset

Create healthy routines and lifestyles to feel your best

Goal Setting

Not all goals are treated equally. Discover how to set goals to actually achieve them! 


Does your motivation feel off? Learn how to align your motivation to prosper. 

Stress Management

Need some strategies and techniques to de-stress? Gain tried & true practices to manage your stress effectively. 

Shift your Mindset

Are your thoughts working in your favor? Learn how to shift your mindset to reach your goals and thrive!

What Is Wellness Consulting?
Is it right for you?

It is assisting individuals or businesses (employees) who desire a reaching/maintaining greater optimal wellness.

  • Lifestyle
  • Mental skills and strategies.
  • Reducing stress
  • Increasing confidence

Being healthy is more than just eating well and moving/physical activity. It is our whole wellness which allows us to be well, fit, and happy.

The College Student

Kara is a 20-year-old, diligent college student- studious in her studies, works part-time to pay bills, and tries to spend time with her friends and see her family. But many people demand her time- her professors through homework and studying, her work supervisor through different shifts, and her friends and family who love spending time with her. Sometimes it is a bit too much and it is overwhelming. Kara is a committed student but needs to learn additional ways to manage her stress. She knows that she needs to learn strategies now before she enters a career industry that can be demanding at times. Kara knows that if she can practice and refine her skills now, it will not only help her professionally, but personally too.

The Stressed Single

Lili is a 30-year-old, single, business professional who makes a good income and enjoys her career even though it requires some travel and odd-hours. She works out a couple times during the week to stay in shape, she has hobbies she enjoys, and she has an enjoyable social group. Lately more responsibilities have been adding onto her plate, and the stress of everything feels a bit too much. While she doesn’t care to admit it, she has never been excellent at managing stress but she doesn’t think she is terrible at it either. But she just knows that she could use some effective strategies to help keep things in perspective.

The Working Parent

Tori is a 39-year-old parent of three children, who works full time and her husband works full-time too. She also has a small side job she does part-time for enjoyment and earns some additional money because she wants some extra money to help with future expenses. Her husband’s job offers a little bit of flexibility, but Tori is mainly the one who ensures everyone is fed, healthy, and is getting where they need to be. But between early mornings or late evenings, work responsibilities during the day, thinking about the well-being of her kids while working, household chores, etc., it seems like there is not enough time. Tori is driven and knows that first, mentally, she needs to slow down because she is starting to feel out of alignment. The thought of learning stress management strategies to relax, even if for a little bit, excites her. She wants to feel centered.  But she’s not sure when or where she can learn these strategies. However if it was an opportunity to learn then she would make it happen.

The Stay At Home Parent

Chris is a 28-year-old, Stay at Home Parent who cares for his 2 children while his wife works outside the home. He wears many hats as chauffeur, chef, nurse, banker, sport club director, among many others. He keeps the house, and everyone’s lives it seems, going. But many times, he feels like he’s always on. Chris enjoys his many roles, but he doesn’t want to ignore the importance of prioritizing himself in order to be there for others. He wants to be present and happy when he’s around others, not stressed. Chris wants to learn how to de-stress and learn how to shift his mindset from chaos to calm, to be more present each day. He knows that ultimately, he needs to take the initiative to prioritize himself and his health first, in order to be most effective for others.

The Business Owner/Manager

Molly is a 54-year-old, Executive Manager of a mid-sized company with a growing business and a staff of devoted employees. Her staff works hard and gets along with each other but with the growing needs and demands of the business, she is worried that growing stressors are going to impact the effectiveness of her staff and therefore her business. Molly knows the importance of a successful business includes prioritizing your staff too, and that includes providing them with tools to manage and grow their personal wellness as well as strategies to support them at work. But she’s not sure how to do that. From a corporate perspective, Molly wants happy and healthy employees because she knows that the personal wellness of her staff has an impact on her professional, growing business.

About Me

Born & raised with east coast roots while flying with Midwest wings. I love teaching and helping people.

I use my teaching expertise and my passion for wellness to help people and businesses bring a comprehensive wellness approach to living and serving.

My graduate degrees are in Leadership and Administration, and Health Education and Promotion with a focus on Community Health. My undergraduate degree is in Health Education and wellness.  I’m also a nationally Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES), and Intrinsic Health and Wellness Coach.

Often times, my time is spent with my family and teaching in higher education. I enjoy serving others inside and outside of the classroom. Whether it’s teaching, consulting, or planning (in corporate wellness settings, with large/small groups or individuals), my scope is vast.

My Philosophy

I approach wellness consulting with applicability, practicality, and individualization. These values establish the foundation of my philosophy. Everyone interprets health and the meaning of wellness differently (that’s another conversation for another day), but regardless they are both important. The goal is developing and practicing skills and strategies for lifelong benefits.

Being healthy is not about the perfect physique, a certain number on the scale, or “doing it all.” It’s the collective of the mind, body, and spirit in harmony.


Working with Laura has been key to improving my performance and wellbeing. Laura helped me reach my (personal and subsequently, my professional goals) by helping me refine my time management skills. She is the Queen of managing time well while not compromising what’s most important, and her achievements speak for themselves. She listened to my needs and desires, and developed strategies that were concrete and actionable.

Ashley B.

I have worked with many professionals and Laura is above the rest. Before partnering with her, I thought my goal setting was good. Little did I know, I was overlooking key aspects which influenced my progress. Her communication, encouragement and guidance allowed me to gain clarity in my goals. Now I’m reaching and achieving my goals faster and with more clarity than ever before! It feels great! 

Daniel G.

Working with Laura was fun! Also she listened and provided support and guidance as it pertained to me. It didn’t matter how many people she was working with at one time, I always had her full attention each time we worked together. Her strategies and recommendations were tailored to me, it wasn’t a generalized solution. Laura’s guidance was supportive and encouraging, and I looked forward to working together every time. She made it fun. I recommend working with her! 

Mary T.

Create Awareness.

Set Your Goals.

Take A Challenge. 

Reap the Rewards.

Grab some coffee or tea, and let’s connect. Please reach out to me anytime- I would love to hear from you!

If you desire to reach a greater level of whole wellness through a comprensive approach, you’re in the right place.  If you want an individualized plan through a personalized consultation then make an appointment and we will make it happen! 

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