It is a stormy, rainy morning. I can hear each rain drop smack the ground outside my window. I’m sitting at my desk, and it is still dark outside. The sun will wake up soon. But right now, it is that familiar sound as I (luckily) sit inside a safe, warm house as a rainy storm is passes through. My dog is sleeping at my feet (thankfully he went outside before the storm came) and who knows where my cat is? The house is quiet inside yet rumbling with thunder and smacking raindrops outside.

I’m having a moment to stop and pause. Stop and… be. The sudden storm and quiet house set the stage for a pause. I’m in a fun, exciting, and busy stage of life with lots of things going on (more on that later). Without feeling like a crazy lady, I have a lot going on (I know there are others who can agree). In busy stages of life, it can be easy to get swept up in the hustle and bustle without slowing down to notice the joys of the present. Frankly, even without intention and being ‘busy’ (not that busy is necessarily good), we can overlook the need and natural desire to slow down- mentally and physically. There is joy and peace in the slow down, whether we realize or experience it right away. Sometimes if I lapse in taking a pause for a bit of time, I can mentally and physically forget how wonderful it feels. And that peaceful feeling can be motivating.

There is joy and peace in slowing down, whether we realize or experience it right away.

It can be hard and uncomfortable to slow down for some, which I can relate. Recently in our house, we’ve been coloring in the living room on these awesome coloring books which highlight the iconic landmarks of my hometown. We leave the colored pencils out on the coffee table (unfortunately in the line of fire of my dog’s tail, which acts like a bat and can knock down said colored pencils). But we can, and should, slow down. I’m joyful and thankful that I do have lots of things going on- wow, I’m grateful. I’m also grateful for the slowing down, even if they seem like just moments in time. Those slow moments matter.

As the sun starts to wake up soon, here on my little space on earth, I hope your day includes a moment or two of pause. And perhaps, you grab and enjoy using some colored pencils too.