Folks, Day #3! We are on a ROLL! It’s the weekend and while that may be a future thing to be thankful for and write about (because yes), today’s thankfulness is another big one.

Yes, yesterday was a big one and today is too. But no worries, tomorrow is different. I already know what I’m going to share with you tomorrow… and while significant and a daily staple for me, it doesn’t have the same depth as yesterday’s and today’s things.

November Thankfulness #3

My husband.

I love this guy a lot. A real lot. Here I am getting all personal. But I have experienced marriage get better with age/time, effort and intentionality. While marriage is good in the beginning, for us it has truly unfolded and blossomed over the years. With growth, challenges and obstacles, we are more of a team than ever. And I love him more than ever, which gets me excited for the future.

It would be foolish to say that marriage is easy. Oh no. Hard work, desire and attention is needed to grow a relationship- or marriage, in this case. Imperfect people aiming to work together with love and forgiveness. I’m so thankful for this guy. He’s fun, hard working, caring, and genuine.

In the near future, we will be crossing the threshold of ‘knowing each other longer than not knowing each other’ and I think that’s pretty awesome.

My thankfulness is for this guy and he is truly the best.