Everyday this month I have shared something for which I’m thankful. If you missed my sharing yesterday, click here, or Tuesday’s is here.

So basically, we’re on a roll here and it’s exciting.

Today’s thankfulness is based on where I live in the Midwest. Join me?

November Thankfulness #8:

South Dakota

I’ve lived in South Dakota for a few years now and like any readjustment to a new community or area around the country/world, it takes a bit of transitions (that’s another conversation). As someone who has roots from the east but has migrated west over time, the transitions have continued over the years with different elements. However in reflecting on my experience in South Dakota so far, I can say that I truly appreciate and value the Midwest.

What I enjoy most of all is the kindness of people, and the openness of the land. I have met some of the kindest people and similarly, many are not born & raised from this area. My local girlfriends are the nicest and a blessing when I needed some girlfriends. They are kind and compassionate. When I was about to move here years ago, a wise man- Dr. Rinehart- a mentor and the officiant at our wedding, told my nervous self that, “Good people are waiting to meet you at your new place. They’re ready. Expect that you’ll meet good people and you will. The Lord already knows the wonderful people you will meet.” It was just what I needed to hear. While it took me a bit after the move to connect with others (sometimes making friends as adults can be hard), it did come and I’m so thankful.

Even though there is more driving required to get from one place to another in the Midwest (Ha!), there is a peacefulness to the concept of open land. I appreciate that you can literally see open land for miles. When bad weather is coming, you can see it from 10 miles away. I find it peaceful. The picture above is when we went camping locally this fall. Father & son.

So thank you, South Dakota. You are my November Thankfulness #8.