Happy Sunday!

Let’s get started with today’s thankfulness, and be sure to comment if we share the same thankfulness item. I’d like to know if we’re on the same page on things… or maybe not. Ha.

Today’s thankfulness isn’t people related as my last two things. But I bet there are many of you that are going to agree with me that this is a thankfulness item for you too.

I betcha.

November Thankfulness #4


There. I said it. I enjoy my coffee and I’m so thankful it. I like tea too, but coffee is usually my morning jam. I think people who like coffee can agree that there can be so many variations to it… black vs. flavored, cream and/or sugar, coffee in the morning (only) or “it’s 5 o’clock somewhere”, etc. So funny. I have no judgement if you like your coffee with 8 different modifications or black.

I usually have 1-2 cups in the morning before “the hustle” begins. I think I’m able to appreciate my coffee now more than ever because, while a bit more infrequent nowadays, I remember when I would often have to reheat my coffee 100 times because of the hustle of the morning/day. With life shifts now, and growing children, I’m able to sit, be, and enjoy it with gratitude… even if for 10 minutes.

And in case you’re wondering, I like my coffee plain with a splash of milk/creamer.  But if I’m feeling fancy, I like a latte.