Hello, March 1st. You always arrive¬†quickly since¬†your sister, February, is so short (or in my family, we may refer to this as vertically challenged). Regardless it’s so good to see you because that means that spring is quickly approaching!

Since March is National Nutrition Month, there 4 easy-peasy things we could do to enhance our nutrition health with big rewards.


Start swimming in water. Drink one glass of water before any beverage you drink each day. See how that helps influence the amount of water you drink. Just drink drink drink water. Yes, you’ll be in the bathroom all.the.time but our body craves it. Trust me.


Mom says: Eat vegetables every day. Our tastes change over time. Try a vegetable you haven’t had in a while. There are so many different ways to eat vegetables:

  1. Raw
  2. Roasted
  3. Boiled
  4. Baked
  5. Sauteed
  6. Creamed
  7. Pureed
  8. Grated and mixed in (read: hidden)


Let’s go fishing- weekly!

Fish is so good for us and ideally it would be best to eat fish at least 2x/week. Personally my go-to choices are typically salmon or tuna. Salmon is such a nutritional powerhouse, and in the winter I like to bake it (for ease) and in the warmer months I like to grill it. A little olive oil and lemon juice (or another rub) on top = perfection. Here’s an example of one of my favorite Salmon on the Grill recipes. Tuna is just easy and cheap, which is a win win for me.



Try a new Meatless Meal this month. Meat is expensive and we can still have an awesome, delicious meal sans meat. Plus, it’s only one meal. C’mon. Try meals with beans, lentils, and/or quinoa. Just ideas. Here’s a list of meatless meals (and it continues to grow).



Find some local events supporting National Nutrition Month! Locally in Vermillion, SD, HyVee and The Wellness Center are two main places who are hosting lots of events this month.

For example, I’m joining the USD Wellness Center on Sunday, March 19th from 1-3pm for their Wellness Day and I’ll be talking about all-things-wellness (and I’ll have some interactive activities too!). Come on over!

Food is a physical and emotional factor in our everyday lives, enjoy it and experiment!