Good morning and Happy Monday! A new week and new chiller winter weather coming. Meaning, it’s time to bundle up- no doubt! Ha. But I hope you had a nice weekend.

Today I’m sharing a new thankfulness item and my thankfulness was reinforced over the weekend (I’ll share).

Join me?

November Thankfulness #5

My body’s ability to move.

This is an aspect I take for granted at times because I don’t always think about my body’s freedom to move pain-free, because I just can. But I am certainly grateful and I want to acknowledge that. On Saturday’s I usually participate in a strenuous movement class and I’m sore the rest of the weekend, and this weekend was no different. It was a great reminder to be thankful for my body that can move, and that I must continue to use my body- to keep it strengthened. Even when I’m moving my body (during workouts) and challenging my muscles (and wondering if my muscles can handle it), I am always thankful later that I did push myself and my body.

In my first thankfulness post, I shared about how I ride my bike frequently to work. This post aligns with that because as I push through each (bicycle) rotation, and sometimes with a bit of effort, I am reminded of my ability to move. I can recall times when moving my body was not so easy, and I realize that others are much more mindful of the ability to move their body because they experience the struggle more often.

This picture above is when we were camping. We went kayaking, biking, and walking. It was so fun. (Side note- I love walking. I enjoy the peacefulness of it, the mindfulness, and the ability to take your time. My favorite is walking with my dog)

My (life) goal is to continue moving. I want to use this ability and take advantage of it, frankly. Despite ebbs and flows in life, my movement has adjusted and looked different depending what was going on at the time (type, frequency, times, intensity). But I want to invest in my continued ability to move because, goodness, I am so thankful.