Happy Sunday! Welcome back for another post as part of my November Thankfulness Series! 

I’m making today’s thankfulness a simple one, but oh so good. And speaking of which, is something I’m going to do today.

November Thankfulness #11

Clean sheets

It’s back to basics, friends. Something as simple as bed sheets. I know 100% that I can stack the deck in my favor for a good night’s rest when I hop into bed with clean, fresh sheets. Why did I choose them? Well let’s take a moment and think of that smell when they come out of the dryer. Or, imagine how soft they feel when you first make the bed. Need I say more?

Not only am I thankful for clean sheets, but I’m thankful for a bed to sleep on. I’m thankful for a place to rest my head when I’m tired. I’m thankful for my bed, my sheets, my pillow, and blanket. I am fully aware that there are individuals who do not have these things.

So today, I say thank you to clean sheets. Thank you.