I love food. And I love how food impacts our health and bodies which we have control. I believe that food can change us, at times- cure us, and heal us. But when I found this video, I wanted to share it with you because it’s another way which details about how food affects our brain, our mood, and our sleep. But it may also serve as a great reminder too. This video reiterates the facts that the food we eat impacts all aspects of our wellness. It.is.THAT.powerful.
It’s another way to prove and showcase the importance of eating lots of greens, some fruits, and complex carbs and lean proteins. There can be balance in a nutritional diet, and ideally stricter diets if trying to lose weight, reach health goals to impact your lipid profile or cholesterol, reach athletic goals.  
Our perception of our nutrition habits can be misleading or off. The best way to identify the details of nutrition is to track your food. You could certainly do it with pen and paper, but honestly the tools online to use e-trackers make it fool proof. MyFitnessPal is very popular and rather user-friendly. But food logs or food journals are the first step to identifying nutritional gaps in your diet.
*Let’s also mention that many times we think we already know what we are eating- how much, what quantities, and what’s appropriate for us right now.  But our nutritional needs change and vary based on our activity, age, special circumstances (pregnancy, illness, healthy goal setting, etc), and therefore doing a food log is actually helpful for awareness and adjustments. 
Are you eating enough?
Is is quality food to benefit your body and brain?
How are your other aspects of wellness (mood, emotions, sleep, intellectual, etc) affected lately?
Changes in our nutritional diet can make big differences when it tailored to our needs. Not everyone is the same as we each may need certain tweaks for our needs, but the basis is the same and this video highlights that well. 
So routinely enjoy more nutrient rich greens, juicy fruits with fiber, and lean proteins. You’ll feel fuller longer, giving your body and brain the nutrients is needs and deserves, and your mood and sleep will reap the benefits along the way.