My hometown is Hamburg, NY. And even though it has been many, many years since I have permanently resided in this town, I visit regardless of what state I currently call home. My whole family still lives in this town and it’s a great community that continues to grow and is quite more trendy now with more restaurants, boutique shops and events. 
And this place, Braymiller Market, usually gets my business. For me, this is a staple.
This local produce and grocery stand has been in business for years. Years! It started as a roadside stand and has grown over the years. I know so many people who have worked there over the years, including my best friend. But the interesting part for me is that ownership has recently switched to a dear family. Every summer during my college years, I was at this family’s house watching their kids. I remember having so much fun with these kids whether it was using chalk in the driveway, going to the zoo or aquarium, or scavenger hunts, or making science experiments, swimming, etc. And now, they own this staple of a market.

Which, by the way, these kids I watched are grown adults now. How does that happen? Aren’t they supposed to stay little forever? Did they not get the memo? 

Main point: Great family.
Anyways this market is just down the road from my childhood home and we were frequent customers. Heck, my family still is a frequent customer. But when I stop by, I don’t hesitate to get some bananas and fresh veggies for dinner. The food is fresh and local, and there is a deli, grocery area, ice cream parlor, etc. 
If you are in the area, I encourage you to stop by. Tell the owner that Laura says hi, and that his kids need to stop growing up so fast. Did I really just say that? #I’mgettingold